Thursday, 7 July 2016

Italian Beginnings - Day 7

Valleys heading For Calais

Lake Garda, Venice & Verona                                                 Italy

Saturday 22nd March 2014

One last early rise approached for the last part of the long journey back to Calais and then home. Our last breakfast at Metz had been and gone and we soon set off at 6:45am and then the French landscape heading back to Calais crossed my mind remembering how depressing it was on the way to Metz. However, as we were driving along, it was quite the contrary. Along the way there were some peculiar arts on the roadside which looked very interesting. The art in question were marble looking globes with multicoloured triangles, squares and circles as well which were weirdly fascinating. I think it slightly relieved me of my boredom but still there were no mountains to look at or beautiful blue lakes. I suppose the only thing that was great was how incredible and smooth the French roads were. After a very long and tiring journey through France with a few stops along the way, we finally arrived in Calais. Unfortunately, the ferry was not there to get straight on this time so we had to wait for a period of time. We had to go through customs and show our passports before getting on the boat. I thought I was going to be pulled to one side for being the only young passenger on the coach but they just moved me along not that I had anything to hide. We set off on the ferry waving goodbye to France and a very wonderful journey taken this past week. Once the ferry got moving and out into open sea, the crossing was quite choppy and wobbly but manageable as I held what was in my stomach down. I spent my remaining 100 Euros on the ferry for my family and then sat with quite a few of the passengers having a chat to pass the time. We were then welcomed by the sites of the white cliffs of Dover once more which was still a wonder to see. It was a nice feeling too seeing them knowing what a journey I had taken since watching the white cliffs disappear a week ago with so many stories to tell when I returned home. We were soon frog marched onto the coach and off the ferry heading straight for Woodall where we would return to the feeder coach. The journey there felt a lot quicker which was a great feeling as at this point I just wanted to get home. We arrived at Woodall at night time and then I said goodbye to some amazing people who I may never see again in my life. It was time to leave on the other coach which would take me back home to good old Newcastle. It was starting to get quite late and on the feeder coach back to Newcastle were travellers who went to Rome and Florence so I had a great chat about their holiday experience and mine too. I also had a good talk with a few passengers from the Lake Garda holiday which made the journey back feel a lot quicker. After dropping passengers off in Darlington, Middlesbrough and Sunderland, I was the last one on the coach and then the familiar sights of Newcastle finally arrived and then I caught sight of my grandad and Terry waiting for me. It was a great feeling getting off the coach with my rucksack and hopping into grandad’s car. On the journey back home I told them about how amazing my trip was and what I had been up to and they were happy that I had a great time. The sight of home was finally in front of me with my mother at the door smiling. A very nice welcome back home from my amazing journey I thought as I entered home quite exhausted. I had a great chat with my parents about the incredible time I had and relieved to be home from an immense journey. Later on I finally had a chance to sit down, relax and reflect on my great experience to Lake Garda, Venice and Verona. Also to picture all the memories of leaving England on the ferry to Calais, the absolutely wonderful sites of the snow covered Swiss Alps and of course arriving in the beautiful Italy. Its amazing lakes and cities and of course the infamous Venice still stamped deep in my memory. I had finally been there and it is a memory I shall treasure forever. It was also nice to finally get my first pin in my world map wondering how many more pins I could add in the future of my travels.

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