Saturday, 2 July 2016

Italian Beginnings - Day 2

Majestic forest and Swiss Alps

Lake Garda, Venice & Verona                                                 Italy

Monday 17th March 2014

An early morning rise arrived at 6:00am in Metz for another very long day of travel for the second part of the journey to Lake Garda. After forcing myself to get out of bed and changed, I headed downstairs as well as everybody else for a nice breakfast. As we sat down and ate I was trying to make conversations with my fellow passengers about previous trips they had taken whether being flights or coach holidays and trying to stop the awkward silence around the table. A while later, we eventually left Metz to head straight to the Swiss border near Strasbourg. As we got closer to the Swiss border, there were some good views but my mind kept telling me that there were greater sights to see. I was not disappointed because the previous scenes and sights paled in comparison to when we actually arrived in Switzerland. From here on, I was completely speechless and overwhelmed with the spectacular views of the infamous Swiss Alps. I have seen these views on the TV but it was a lot different and better actually being there feeling the elements and emotions first hand. The shear size of the mountain peaks all covered in white snow was monstrous and this was definitely the highlight of today. I took some amazing pictures and some footage of the Alps and the small towns set in well within the hillsides. During our break within the wondrous sights I decided to take a long walk in the Alps and the river right next to us. This has got to be the best and interesting sight I have seen in my life so far. To feel the freezing cold river flowing quite slowly down the valley was refreshing. Even though we were high in the Swiss Alps with all the snow surrounding me, the temperature was 25 degrees centigrade which I could feel every degree as my neck was starting to burn. We headed back inside the coach heading straight for the next country which of course was Italy. After passing yet more incredible views of the Alps and also the infamous Mont Blanc tunnel, I finally made it into Italy and the excitement kicked in again. I couldn’t believe I was Italy thinking I was in England yesterday around about the same time and I was eager to make it to the beautiful Lake Garda. Yet another long drive finally brought us to the final destination at a 4 star Hotel Virgilio located at Riva Del Garda. It was definitely a sense of relief to get off my seat on the coach as I think I started to lose feeling in my backside by then. We all slowly made our way into the beautiful looking hotel and lined up at the reception to receive our keys. I then caught my eye on a blonde haired waitress. She looked very pretty and then she smiled at me. Returning back to earth, I eventually located my room and as soon as I got in, I realised it was not as good as the room at the Best Western Hotel in Metz. However, the sights were a lot better which made up for that straight away. I headed downstairs after unpacking my bag to have my evening dinner. As I sat at my allocated table I met and spoke to 2 old passengers and a middle aged passenger which had a lot of interesting and unique stories to share mostly sharing some wisdom across to me too. After a beautiful dinner by the hotel, I headed back upstairs with a sense of excitement and happiness in my heart as I was finally in Italy wondering what the coming days had to offer for me.
Approaching Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps

View from my room - Hotel Virgilio, Riva del Garda
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