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The Caribbean of Europe - Day 4

Sunset at Okrug

Trogir                                                                                     Croatia

Tuesday 25th August 2015

I was up early once more despite the fact how much I did the previous day. I did however relax for the next 2 hours before finally getting myself up and ready for today’s adventures. My plan was to go to Sibenik and Krka national park which I was excited about but I was hoping everything would go smoothly getting there and back; so I packed my essentials and headed out. I walked up towards the northern bridge and straight to the bus station and as soon as I got there I ran into trouble already. The bus times and buses were all confusing, the time table sheet was showing times to Sibenik to be in the late afternoon and as I looked at the run down looking buses, there was hardly any information about where they were going. What a great start I thought to myself as I left a bit frustrated.

I had a second option of trying ferries moored up along the harbour to the south of the island so I headed for that area. I arrived in no time but the journey would be in vain as all the ferries were going to a place called Orkrug. I asked if there were any ferries leaving from Orkrug to Sibenik to which the reply was no. I then headed to the nearest information area to figure out what to do. They were also completely useless as they were stating that I should try the bus station again; so I headed over to it once more with yet more bad luck. I was even more frustrated because that was my plan away down the toilet. However, I remembered pretty much every excursion stall was going to Krka national park so I headed for the first one I could see. As soon as I found one I was greeted by an old gentleman giving me the basics about the trip and how long it would take. I was happy when he said it was an all day trip which would put my time in well. However, I would have to wait until the next day as the excursion started at 8:30am and I would have to book in advance. So I paid for my slot and I was soon on my way with my ticket feeling a bit happier.

I still had nothing for breakfast so I walked for the first bakery I could see. I immediately seen what I wanted and got a cherry strudel and it was delicious. My next plan was to figure out what to do with my time today as my original plan fell through. I thought about going to Split then getting another ferry to different islands thinking either Vis, Hvar or Brac. So I rushed over to the ferry again at the other side of the southern bridge. As I got to the other side, I could see the crew members lifting the boardwalk onto the ferry. This was the second time I had to rush on when the ferry was about to leave so I had to take quite a big step to climb aboard. I paid for my ticket and we were soon underway. There were no seats yet again so I stood at the side watching Trogir become distant. All of a sudden the ferry turned around and started heading back to Trogir leaving everyone confused as to what was going on. We arrived back where we started and then one of the crew members rushed off the ferry and onto his motorbike speeding off. 

Leaving Trogir

The ferry left the harbour once again going a bit quicker to make up lost time. As I knew how long it would take to get to Split the journey didn’t seem as long as yesterday and after pick ups at Slatine, we were approaching Split in quick succession. As we were nearing the harbour, I scanned other ferries to see where they were going. To be honest, I was thinking the worst as though I wasn’t going to ever get to these islands. As soon as the ferry moored up, I was on my way checking each ferry and it didn’t look good. Some of them were hired ferries and others were just tour ferries going around Split. However at one of the other harbours further south were the bigger ships. One of them said Split-Hvar-Vis on the side which looked promising; so I took the long walk to it. As I got closer I could see a ticket office with a small crowd of people waiting to be seen. When I got there I kind of joined the queue but when I looked at the notice board for the times, it was completely pointless as there was only one ferry going to them islands and back and I would have to be there very early which was worthless to be honest. I walked back to the harbour front and I was thinking that I didn’t want to hang around in Split considering I spent all day sightseeing here yesterday; so I headed back on the ferry to Trogir. The crew member saw me coming and he had a look as though to say ‘that was quick’. I paid for a ticket and stepped aboard with the boardwalk for once standing in the same spot as before. I was disappointed and felt as though I wasted all morning trying to find ferries and buses when there was an easier option right in front of me the whole time with excursions. However, it was still an amazing feeling being on the water with the breeze hitting my face. The water was a lot choppier too which added a bit of thrill without the queasiness.

Choppy Waters to Trogir

A very long time had passed until Trogir was approaching us; I was glad to get off the ferry as I headed back onto Trogir Island. It was early afternoon and I had nothing to eat so I headed for the nearest restaurant I could find. I was looking for the pizza part of the menu when I found one and came across a tuna pizza. I sat down and ordered it straight away and waited for it to arrive whilst admiring the view I had in front of me of large vessels at the harbour. A short time had passed and then the waiter came back with my pizza and it looked exactly what it was like in Italy; large and not cut up for me. It looked appetising too so I cut it into quarters and dug right in. It was mouth watering without the grease as I took in the wondrous flavours of my comfort food. I eventually finished and waited for what seemed forever to get my bill; if I had to wait any longer I would have just got up and left. I was thinking about taking the ferry to Orkrug and so I did to fill in the late afternoon; so I headed for the other end of the harbour. 


Tuna Pizza

As I did so one of the ferries moored up and started to have passengers board it; I followed suit and sat at the back. This ferry was a lot smaller than the one to Split and after the crew removed the mooring lines, the captain set off heading west. It felt great going the opposite way for once but I was still confused about where and how far Orkrug was. I thought it was a small island to the west but when we left Trogir, we took a sharp turn to the left heading for the bay I was at 2 days ago. I thought great going somewhere I had already been but the captain turned right slightly and followed the coastline up further. Then I noticed a very long stretch of pebble beach about one and a half miles long with hundreds of people; I could also see inflatable slides and obstacle courses. Jet skis were racing up and down and bars stretched along the whole beach. It looked like paradise and my salvation for the days mess up. We were nearing the small port when one of the kids aboard the ferry started prodding my arm pointing at my wolf tattoo. He must have liked my tattoo and I started laughing as did his mother.

Approaching Okrug

We finally arrived at the port and I disembarked walking along the beach front. It was jam packed with people young and old. I continued down in the hopes of finding a free seat. At points along the coast there were stalls that had masseurs giving massages and spa treatments to tourists and I was tempted to have some treatment but I continued along the beach. I finally found some seats with an umbrella so I sat down marking it as my territory. The views of the bay were phenomenal and looked peaceful despite hundreds of people surrounding me on all sides. So I did what everyone else was doing, layed back and relaxed catching the sun. It was early evening and I was still lying back sometimes nodding off and watching the sea ripple with the sun glittering on the surface. I felt so relaxed forgetting about the days mishaps. I spent another hour or so just relaxing mainly because the sun was about to set and I didn’t want to miss it as it looked like it was going to be amazing. I then finally placed my shoes back on, grabbed my rucksack and walked along the rest of the coastline heading towards Trogir. 

Okrug Beachfront

100 yards down though I came to a stop as I came across an ice cream stall which sold ‘slushy’ quite cheaply; so I got my slushy with all the flavours inside it from orange, cola, raspberry, etc. It definitely perked me up and I was soon leaving. By this time the sun was just above the water and my eyes looked on at the breathtaking spectacle. I continued heading north passed a large campsite which looked quite peaceful next to the bay despite the loud cricket sounds. I then came upon the steep hill I encountered the other day so I knew what to expect. I was soon at the top making my way down the other side passing a cute looking kitten until I reached the southern bridge. 

Sunset over Croatia

Walk to Trogir

By then it was dark and I had nothing to eat for a while. I ended up going back to the restaurant called ‘Riva’ as they did good food. Once I arrived I was greeted and escorted to my table. I had another quick glance at the menu picking out sheep cheese and a flat bread type of food for starters and veal fillets for main and a drink of Karlovacko too. I waited for a while watching people passing by admiring the yachts until my starter came. I dug in and this was when I became clumsy. I picked up the first flat bread and placed the cheese on top and as soon as I took a bite it fell out of my hand and on the floor. I didn’t know where to look so I continued eating as though nothing had happened. I had soon finished my starter and soon on my main when it arrived. It looked mouth watering and I didn’t hesitate with my first bite. It seemed to take forever to finish too but I was in no rush anyway; I eventually received my bill and paid setting off around thee streets of Trogir.


I couldn’t believe it when I walked along the harbour and saw an old type wooden ship which had the rope ladders at the sides going up the wooden masts. I wasn’t sure if they were still used or it was more for show but whatever the case it was a real gem. I continued around the small streets narrow as they were making it look as though I was in a maze with no real way of knowing which way I was going. I was amazed at how all the shops and stalls were still open even though it was really late. By this point I became tired of walking around so I took my leave heading for my room.


As usual before I relaxed in my room I went out onto the terrace admiring the bright moon and stars watching people below passing by as well as planes coming in to land. It was remarkably peaceful too but I couldn’t stay there forever so I headed back to my room. It was a shame that I couldn’t get to Sibenik or even Hvar and Vis today but I believe the relaxation at Orkrug was phenomenal and just what I needed.
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