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The Eternal Rome-ance - Travel Review and Advice

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Leap of Faith Travels – Travel Review

What a fantastic week spent in Rome I had so full of ancient history and wonder alongside the beautiful Italian culture. I had spent my week very well with plenty of sights to see in this marvellous city alongside a lovely day trip to Florence.
Rome is a very large city but all the main locations are all in close proximity to each other some easy to find and some squeezed into a maze of old narrow streets. They all have 2000 years of history which are all superimposed on each other such as ancient columns embedded in renaissance palaces or baroque facades slapped onto the front of Romanesque churches.
Castel Sant`Angelo
Rome definitely had it all with a climate that brings you sunny days but a few wet days too as I experienced. Then there is the fantastic Italian cuisine spread across the entire city whether you have the money to spend or trying to save money, there is always something good to eat.

In abundance you will find classical art, museums, street performers, market stalls and fashionable shops in this great city all within good walking distance to each other.
The hotel I booked with is called Hotel Cilicia located just beyond the ancient city walls to the south. It is a 3 star hotel and despite it being so far away from the central area, it was a nice cheap hotel to use with very good accommodations and facilities such as breakfast room and lobby bar. The hotel though was only a stroll away from the Appian Way and its green regional park. I paid for the bed and breakfast which is great to be honest as I would be in the central area until it was night time. Speaking of night time, as it was away from the central area this meant it was set in a quiet area of Rome which would be great for those who enjoy the peace and quiet during the night.
Each classically styled room was fully air conditioned with a mini bar, TV, telephone and shower.
For the week at this hotel it cost me for Bed and Breakfast: £429

Also take into account that there is a city tax you would have to pay too. It cost me 14 Euros for the week (2 Euro per night)
Hotel Cilicia
Hotel Cilicia

If you have read my diary throughout the week, you would have noticed that all I did for transport was my own two feet from the hotel. This was because I had to save as much money as I could due to the fact I underestimated how much I would have needed for this trip. However for those who would like to get around without the long walks then the best options would be to use the sufficient bus services (bus stop 200 metres from hotel) and taxis throughout the city(the hotel would be happy to ring a taxi for you for ease). Or if you are brave enough, hire your own car and take a drive around the ancient city without the tiresome walk. To be honest I enjoyed the walking as I could experience all the sights at my own pace and in greater detail.

Also if you read my diary you would have noticed I used a card called the ‘Omnia + Roma Pass’.
What a brilliant little thing to have on you for your trip to Rome. The Omnia Vatican and Rome card is a sightseeing package which gives holders free entry to top attractions throughout the city as well as fast track entry saving you over 4 hours of waiting time to get in. you would also take advantage of a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, free guidebook and map of the city with the route of the bus tour and landmarks. So what is included with this pass:

1.     Free entry to Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel – plus free audio guide for St Peters Basilica
2.     Free entry to your choice of 2 out of 6 top Rome attractions – Including the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, Capitolini Museums, Borghese Gallery and National Museum of Castel Sant’ Angelo
3.     Fast track Entry to St Peters Basilica, Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum – saving over 4 hours at each attraction during busy periods
4.     Free hop-on-hop-off bus tour – ticket of Rome for 3 days
5.     Free Travel card – for unlimited access to Romes public transport system
6.     Free detailed guidebook – to help plan your perfect trip
7.     Discounted Entry – to another 30+ sights, attractions and museums in Rome

I urge you to apply for one of these passes as it reduces stress on your perfect trip to Rome reducing the price of your overall spends in this city.
Omnia and Roma Pass
As for Florence it was perfect with so much to see in one day. I paid for my return train ticket from Rome at the ticket office which cost me 96 Euros. However if I had pre-booked a ticket beforehand I may have saved a lot of money. Despite this it was great to travel across the Italian Countryside for 1 hour 30 minutes. Throughout the day I managed to see all the main locations I wanted to and to be honest I think one day in Florence is all a traveller needs as far as locations are concerned. Like Rome there were countless shops, museums, restaurants and basically everything a tourist may like to see.
Yet again I was won over with this astonishing country of Italy with so much to offer whether that would be ancient history, arts and culture, food, drink, music which all brought out the joy in life. It helps to approach Rome with as much flexibility as possible. You may not be able to achieve what you set out to do but don’t worry as Rome has enough amazing things to offer you as a traveller. - In search bar type in Rome

Live life to the fullest
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Live every moment intensely
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And the moment comes when we are going to die
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That is why we have to enjoy every moment
One must enjoy life
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Accomplish everything you want to do
No matter the effort it deserves
Life is too short and one must relish it
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