Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Hello readers

My name is Shaun Davison
I'm 26 year old and I am a fellow traveller and quite possibly a slight adrenaline junkie.
My story begins in the year 2014 when I dedicated my life in pursuit of travel ; now for the sob story. After breaking up with my ex partner I thought to myself that instead of drinking away my sorrows and possibly destroying my lifestyle I would take up travelling. When I started I was very nervous whether or not I was doing to right thing but I have never looked back but only forward constantly thinking on where to go next. Each destination I have taken since 2014 I have written a diary about my experience and how I felt at each moment.
I would like to share my stories with you the readers and emerse yourself in the story as if you are there experiencing the same emotions. I also hope you take up this life of travelling and if you plan on going to the places I have been then I wish I have provided great information for your trip of what to expect. i also wish that if you have been to these places then it will provide you with fond memories of the places.

I'd like to share with you my favourite quote:

Live life to the fullest
Its the best way
Live every moment intensely
Because life is too short
And the moment comes when we are going to die
And we'd have wished to do so many things we didn't
That is why we have to enjoy every moment
One must enjoy life
Try not to acquire so many things
But instead have experiences
Accomplish everything you want to do
No matter the effort it deserves
Life is too short and one must relish it

I will be posting stories about my adventures from places such as:

  1. Lake garda, Venice and Verona, Italy
  2. Cong, Ireland
  3. Rome, Italy
  4. Istanbul, Turkey
  5. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  6. Hinterglemm, Austria
  7. Trogir, Croatia
  8. Snowdonia, Wales
  9. Bansko, Bulgaria
When I first started writing my diaries they were quite vague but throughout the journeys I explain aspects in greater detail

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